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438-927-1233 (text only)

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Rendez- vous

  I work best and efficiently by appointment.

I Rarely accept last minute inquiries, chances are, I am not available. 

I am an active lady. Pursue a busy lifestyle, and am always on the go. I may or may not be available for a last minute rendez-vous

 I do not like missing out on meeting you either, so the best way to see me  is by giving me a bit of notice and I will surely do my best to work around your schedule

 I appreciate 12-24 hr notice so I can ensure I will be available at the time and date that you prefer.

 I WILL accommodate almost any schedule

(as long as I have notice).

Typically I try to stay available between 11am to 10pm, monday to friday

Please text/email me with your availabilities , I will surely get back to you as soon as I receive it